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Online Lending Management System

Credit Engine's lending platform provides a substantial increase in quality of existing lending services.
You can choose and customize the most appropriate features for your service.

Loan Origination and Management Services


Online complete lending service for small to medium businesses. One-stop Application, Contract, Repayment, and Debt Collection flow.

CE Loan Enterprise

Digitalizing the loan operations of bank operators. Efficient communication with customers and all the while minimizing paperwork.

CE Loan Personal

Online and mobile-friendly consumer loan services. It can be integrated into your own mobile service.

CE Factoring

CE's Factoring Service. In addition to the establishment of bi-company and tri-company factoring, we also handle medical fee receivables.

CE POS Financing

One-stop online installment services. Supports individual product installment purchases and credit purchase services.

CE Leasing

One-stop online leasing services. Supports leases from Auto leasing to consumer leasing.


CE DataHub

Access external data (such as cloud accounting) used by small and medium-sized enterprises and use for your own service's financing and marketing purposes.

Credit Scoring

CE Scoring

Our own personal credit model based on accumulated data such as online banking and cloud accounting.

CE Model2API

Connect to loan services by converting our examination model into an API. Improve the efficiency of loan application examination.

Debt Collection Service

CE Collection

Automate and save labor costs in the debt collection process using AI calls and SMS.

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